We are a husband and wife photography team. We believe that precious moments happen when no one knows the camera is watching. Posed photographs do capture that moment in time. However, combining the posed shots with candid shots not only give you that special moment but also images that capture your personality which isn’t always apparent in a more calculated setting.

Let’s face it, whatever the event and particularly, with weddings, there are a multitude of special moments occurring throughout the entire day. We have found that one person cannot be everywhere and capture all the important details during the festivities. We work as a team to ensure that you ultimately receive not only the formal and expected shots, but also the happenings behind the scenes. While the bride and bridesmaids are being photographed, what is going on with the groom and groomsmen? While the formal shots of the bride and groom are being taken, did anyone notice the flower girl picking up the flower petals she dropped in the aisle? We do, and we pay particular attention to all of the details that make the day special and provide you with a lifetime of memories even if you didn’t witness them yourself.

As a team, we provide you not only the beautiful images but also a fun, creative, and enjoyable experience while the shots are being taken. We strive to develop a relationship with each and every one of our clients in order to allow us to capture their personality, their humor, and their love. Thank you for taking the opportunity to browse through our site, leave us a comment, or better yet, give us a call to begin a friendship which fosters a lifetime of beautiful memories.