Think. . . . INSIDE the box!

Our box sessions aren't about posing but being yourself and we are always there to give you some direction if you get stuck. Kids have fun, families squish, and we have yet to have a session that wasn't full of laughs. All you need to do is bring your excitement and some fun props and you will have a family session like no other.

The sessions take about 30 minutes depending on how many people and the number of boxes in the final image.  We charge $15 per box with a 9 box minimum delivered by digital download.  Want 3 images of 3 boxes?  Sure!  A 6 and 3?  Why not?  A 15 box? 27? We have sample designs to choose from or we can custom make something specific. 


Sample boxes

It’s a fun session, we want it to be a fun image!  When you book the session, just let us know how many boxes you want in the final image.

To get IN THE BOX call or text 843-496-1330 or email us.