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Although the law provides for photography in all public places (defined as open to the public and wherein privacy is not reasonably expected) and that all editorial (news worthy) photography can be freely published, televised, printed in newspapers and magazines alike without the knowledge or consent of the participants, this is not the policy of Northwest Youth Sports Photography. At no time will Northwest Youth Sports Photography print, publish, make available or sell your name, email address or any personally identifiable information (other than identifying badges and markings found on jerseys, team jackets, uniforms or other publicly displayed information outside of our control, and therein only within the confines of this web service) without prior written consent in the form of a model release. In the event a photograph is deemed newsworthy and considered for publication, attempts will be made to contact the subject(s) and gain permission. If permission is not given, the image will not be used. You are the customer and we work for you...period. Photographs found on the Northwest Youth Sports Photography website are for private personal use only, intended solely for participants, attendees, competitors, clubs, teams, organizations, as well as friends and family members of the subject of the photo. Images may not be used for advertising or promotion (including our own) in any form or fashion without the prior written consent of both the photographer and a signed model release by the subject. Northwest Youth Sports Photography retains ownership and copyright of any and all images. Northwest Youth Sports Photography does offer, for sale, a license to the personal use of the original digital images for reprinting and reproduction outside of commercial endeavors.